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On twitter I dump some of the smaller doodles I do in my notebooks and sketchbooks during the days, and sometimes maybe I write something too.


I'm a 17 year old game graphic student who spend her days doodling and playing Zelda. I've only started discovering the joys that is games the latest year because of the school I'm in now.

I adore any kind of media entertainment that includes either good characters, a good story, good music, visual appeal or all at once. Like rellay. I fucking love that shit to death. I always get super exited waen I find something new I like and tend to want to talk about it nonstop until the exitement has cooled off.

Anyway, whatever. This is not unique.

I get asked for commissions sometimes, so I guess it'll be appropriate to maybe write down some information about that.

I am open for commissions, but since I don't really have that much need for points right now, I'd prefer paypal payment.
I have not yet decided on any prices, so that is something we will agree on on-spot for now until I've settled with something. (that doesn't mean you can bargain however you want or complain that the final prices went down after you got your commission because I settled with another price later.)

I draw pretty much anything. I prefer drawing humans or human-ish creatures, but I'm open for challenges. Landscapes and buildings are a nail in the eye for me, so maybe not that. Well, just ask and I'll see.

I may do art trades, you'll have to ask about that but I'll probably not do it if we don't know each other at least a little before.

Requests are only for close friends.

well this was a clumpsy written info list..


To peck a pear by bunslake
To peck a pear
I really enjoy drawing Levi, you should see my notebooks in school. FULL of this smoking snarky bird! 
Anyway, here's Levi being sceptical about a pear he found.
Chat Noir by bunslake
Chat Noir
There's a hot cat boy in it, of course I'll like it.....

Ok, so i really like some graphic things going on in this show. The rendering is pretty, and the character's eyes especially are really appealing to look at. and then there's this hot blondie dressed in a kinky leather cat suit~ 
The story itself is predictable, has lots of clichés and repetitive. Meant for people younger than me obviously. It's not a bad show, i find it enjoyable in a lot of ways. And not as enjoyable in other ways. 

Anyway, it was fun drawing this little kitty, and a good practice with shines~
To Victory! by bunslake
To Victory!
EDIT: I replaced the original with a better quality pic with less shadows from the camera. (I don't have a scanner)

This was one of my favorite enemies from the game, so I felt like drawing one of them ^^
Batter seem so awkward and drama queen in the concept art, I love it so much XD

Zacharie just sits there like "Be strong Zacharie. Be strong for mother."

All characters are from OFF by Mortisghost
Levi by bunslake
The one on the left was the first time I drew him so that's why he's not....... in his final form. The one to the right is is true self!
Yes, I got Twitter now. I haven't posted anything yet but I'm planning to post some of the doodles I make in various places, fanart and not fanart. Follow if you want, or if you want to be followed, leave a link.

Here's me:…

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