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Cyborg Minn by bunslake
Cyborg Minn
I really suck at drawing cyborgs, I have way to bad imagination and detail skills for it, but I can't help but enjoy drawing them anyway. so here is me precious humanoid pen-tablet Minn as a cold hearted, blood thirsty, seducive cyborg, all done for the last seconds that's left of halloween! (Halloween is actually over at my place, but..... not all over the planet yet!!) Anyways, I found some new brushes that I played with, I don't know if they look good or not but that's how it is. 
it feels a bit silly putting up a mature warning on this one, but.... well... there IS blood there... 

Oh well, enough babbling. Enjoy this i guess, and I'd be happy to get some feedback~
Silly Animatronics by bunslake
Silly Animatronics
A little collection of crappy doodles I made in the middle of the night. why? cus I had been watching a LOT of FNaF gameplay videos and modeled the animatronic's in Maya, so..... My head was pretty filled with their creepy faces and the sounds. so i had to make them silly so i could go to sleep in peace. 

that is all. 

I love retard-Bonnie~
Bonnie the bunny - FNaF by bunslake
Bonnie the bunny - FNaF
3D modek of Bonnie's head I made in autodesk Maya tonight~ I'm very pleased with the outcome and I think he look a lot like the original. Though I was too lazy to make the texture look dirty and a bit more like that fur/fabric/whatever it is those animatronic costumes are made of, so it's just one-colored surfaces which is a bit dull, but maybe I'll edit that some other time. Also, I would like to make his eyes glow in that horrifying way they do in the dark, but I don't really know how though.. (I'm all over my classmates about it though, so hopefully there's someone who knows and can help me with that.) I'll update my progress (if I make any).

Edit: I did improve it! I got help with the glowing eyes~…

so, what do you guys think? As my first 3D work made on my own and not in class, I think it's pretty okay~ oh, and sorry for the bad rendering again, I must practice on that.. ^^; 
The night fox -short story cover by bunslake
The night fox -short story cover
So this was a really crappy short story I wrote for English class. I got tired of it when I was halfway done, so the last part of it is super sloppy written and not at all like I wanted it to be.
Anyway, we got an assignment in art class to do a cover for our novels, so this is what I did.
Maybe someone recognizes the characters from an earlier deviation I submitted a couple months ago? No? Okay..
The cheetah is called Chica and she's a knight from the feline warrior clan.
The wolf's name is Prowler and he's vice pack leader in the wolf tribe.
The raccoon's name is Rascall and he's the best (and almost the only) archer in his peaceful little village.
The masked vixen is called Michi and she's the story's villain. She's a former apprentice in a temple ruled by the arctic fox Yuki. She stole the black fox mask which made her evil, and later she created a band of assassins and criminals.
You may recognize the masks design from the latest chapters of Ao no exorcist, and then you're correct. I loved that nine-tails mask thingy, so I couldn't resist borrowing the design~

Yeah, so back to the picture. I hate the anatomy on Rascall, it's just awful. Michi could've been placed better. It looks a bit awkward how she just pops up there...
Otherwise I'm kinda pleased with it. At least for being a photoshop work. (I hate drawing in ps!)

Oh, and I uploaded this from my phone so I hope it's not blurry. If it is I'll fix it tomorrow.


bunslake's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hello everyone!!

I'm a 16 year old girl from the west coast of Sweden.
I love anime, manga, drawing, reading and a whole bunch of other stuff ;P My future plan is to become a mad old cat lady, and I'm already on good way with my love and obsession with cats~ I sometimes get very sad when I realise that I will never learn how to fly/float, it's honestly something I've always wanted to be able to do. You may giggle.
I'm the kind of person who rarely seek other peoples company, but i won't hide either (mostly). I can sit for hours doing one single thing without getting bored, or I can even sit still in a sofa and just think for a half day and be fine witht that. in other words, I'm a little introvert~

Real life friends (oh yes, I got those too! :D)::
:iconpenguinpotato: be sure to check out her gallery! Her art never stops to amaze me!!
:icongrimgod98: she never submit anything or is even logged in, but..... Still a friend!
Both of them are from school:aww:

My dearest onee-chan::
She's probably my best friend, she's my sister in everything but blood and she is the sweetest, most caring piece of big-sis one could ever find anywhere~ :iconheartrollplz:

I'm not gonna show all of my other dA friends here, cus the list would get too long. I appreciate EVERYONE and sees everyone as a friend. :squee: (of course I see all of you as real life friends, but when I write that, I mean people I've actually met)

I've watched:
:bulletwhite:Soul eater (all of it)
:bulletgreen:Hunter x Hunter 1999 (all of it)
:bulletblue:Hunter x Hunter 2011 (it's still going on)
:bulletblack:Death Note (all of it)
:bulletyellow:Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)

I'm currently watching:

:bulletblue:Hunter x Hunter 2011 (as I said, it's still going on)
:bulletorange:Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletorange:Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
:bulletblack:Black Butler
:bulletpink: Damekko Doubutsu (useless animals)

Animes I've promiced to watch, and want to watch:
:bulletpink:Future boy Conan

:bulletpurple:Mermaid melody (I checked into it, but it was kinda too girly for me...)
:bulletyellow:One piece (I kinda gave it up, since there are so many episodes..)

Mangas I'vew read:

:bulletpink: Mirai Nikki (Future diary)
:bulletgreen: Yu Yu Hakusho
:bulletyellow: Hunter x Hunter (ugh, I'm such HxH nerd.. ;p)
:bulletblue: Ao no exorcist (blue exorcist)
:bulletpurple: Mjau!
:bulletpink: Hana Kimi (for you in full blossom)
:bulletblack: Elfen lied
:bulletgreen: Ookami nante kowukanai (a novel collection by Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of hxh)
:bulletpurple: Yu-Gi-Oh (it was so lame....)
:bulletblue: Prince of tennis
:bulletred: Inuyasha (I love dem doggies!! Even though I'm a mad cat girl...)

I'm currently reading:

:bulletblack:black butler
:bulletyellow: New prince of tennis
:bulletwhite: To aru majutsu no index
:bulletred: 1/2 prince
:bulletorange: Nanatzu no Tizai - The seven deadly sins (it reminds of fairy tail and it's awesome)

I use:
:bulletorange:Manga Studio Debut
:bulletgreen: paper and pencils :D

I'm pretty open minded and it's few things I really dislike.

I love music. Most genres are okay, for example: synth, electronic, rock, pop, grunge, alternative, swing, metal etc... (and then there is my secret crush on anime soundtrack :aww: )

Hmmmm... I think that's all for now..
Okay, this is how it is: about two or three weeksago, my computer has really started to loose it completely. It started out with some words in ALL text everywhere turned into links to ads and shit, which was annoying, but as ling as I didn't clic them they did no harm. THEN the java update messages started pop up about every third time I clicked anything at all. I got linked to a really unreliable looking page that told me to download some java update, but since it looked so weird I ignored it and clicked it away. This was about a week ago. NOW EVERYTHING IS FUCKED!!! It's enough to just swipe over the screen to make a dozen pop up ads to pop up, windows to weird sites open, and the whole shit to just collapse and close down. Thing after thing refuses to show, for example: I can't watch movies anymore, I can't log in to my schools site where I turn in my homework, and TODAY I NOTICED I COULDN'T EVEN UPLOAD DRAWINGS HERE ON DA!!!!!!! That's taking a pretty big bloody leap over the line. I'm so pissed and ready to just give up and cry on the floor right now... 

BUT, I have to blame myself for this too, partly at least. I haven't had a virus protection for a pretty long while.... (I know, I know... Dumbass me). 
My question now is: is there anyway to save my dear laptop, or is she (yes, she) dead meat? 
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: Imperiet
  • Watching: an Imperiet concert on youtube
  • Eating: bloody meat
  • Drinking: water

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