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Wonky Bug killing Link Gif
I think this one runs smoother that my previous Link animation. Quite proud of it, even though it could've been better. I tried a different way of animating in theis one too, I don't know if it's noticeable, but it didn't take as much energy which is good. The last animation was just seven frames, and I was super tired after finishing it, and this one is 73 frames, and the level of fatigue is about the same. 

Anyway, please, it would make me very happy to recieve some feedback on this~

Link belongs to nintendo, and i used this to make it into a gif:Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make A GIF Easily
Super derpy Lenk doodledump 2000 by bunslake
Super derpy Lenk doodledump 2000
Oh god what am I doing with my life.......? So much Lenk! wat iz dis? Stahp. 
And these are just from the past two weeks!!!!! The future does not look good....... 

Link belongs to Nintendo

EDIT: I actually got very inspired by thie top doodle, so I made a Wonky Bug killing Link Gif of it!
(Gif!)Link.. Wat are you doing..? Stahp
Hm.... the unfinished sketch version of this looked so much smoother.... this one's all twitchy.
OH WELL! here's Link smashing his face into his shield. Don't ask me why, I've just got an urge to animate Link doing meaningless things. 
Btw, I added music to it, but I don't know how to make it show here on dA. so here's the link to the animation with music:…
(notice that I tried to sync the smashes with the song's rythm)
What do you tink? 

Link belongs to Nintendo
Link Portrait by bunslake
Link Portrait
I CAN'T STOP DRAW THIS GUY!!!!!! I've literary drawn nothing but Links the past few days, and I've listened to all the games soundtracks nonstop. Gawd.. 
I have a whole collection of derpy Link doodles on the schoolcomputer. I think I'll make a doodledump and upload sometime during next week, so if you like my crappy sketches then keep your eyes up for that. 

Wow, his nose is all wonky here.. Too low
Steampunk Link by bunslake
Steampunk Link
So, My teacher showed the class an  aweesome site where you could download the original 3d models of characters directly from their games, and then open the file in the 3d modeling program we use (autodesk Maya) and play around with it! We are going to pick a character, and then re-model it and modify it! THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!!!!! 
When I scrolled through all the characters in search for the one I wanted to modify, I constantly had to take breaks cus I was literary choking on the awesomeness and the fangasm was taking over. I finally decided to go with Toon Link from super smash bros. 
Gawsh, I spent like 15 minutes just drooling over his fantastic textures, looking at them from every possible angle. (during the whole procedure i let out little choked fan squeaks). 
Then came the next step. Deciding what to do with the model. After some thought, I decided to go with steampunk. I've never really done anything steampunk related, but I think it's a really cool style, so I thought I'd give it a go. 
So here is a prototype drawing of what I'm going to do on the 3d model!! 
whatt do you guys think? I'll probably add some steam things to it, and more gears, but I don't know how much time we will get on this project. 
Please tell me what you think!
Link belongs to Nintendo btw


bunslake's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hello everyone!!

I'm a 16 year old girl from the west coast of Sweden.
I love anime, manga, drawing, reading and a whole bunch of other stuff ;P My future plan is to become a mad old cat lady, and I'm already on good way with my love and obsession with cats~ I sometimes get very sad when I realise that I will never learn how to fly/float, it's honestly something I've always wanted to be able to do. You may giggle.
I'm the kind of person who rarely seek other peoples company, but i won't hide either (mostly). I can sit for hours doing one single thing without getting bored, or I can even sit still in a sofa and just think for a half day and be fine witht that. in other words, I'm a little introvert~

Real life friends (oh yes, I got those too! :D)::
:iconpenguinpotato: be sure to check out her gallery! Her art never stops to amaze me!!
:icongrimgod98: she never submit anything or is even logged in, but..... Still a friend!
Both of them are from school:aww:

My dearest onee-chan::
She's probably my best friend, she's my sister in everything but blood and she is the sweetest, most caring piece of big-sis one could ever find anywhere~ :iconheartrollplz:

I'm not gonna show all of my other dA friends here, cus the list would get too long. I appreciate EVERYONE and sees everyone as a friend. :squee: (of course I see all of you as real life friends, but when I write that, I mean people I've actually met)

I've watched:
:bulletwhite:Soul eater (all of it)
:bulletgreen:Hunter x Hunter 1999 (all of it)
:bulletblue:Hunter x Hunter 2011 (it's still going on)
:bulletblack:Death Note (all of it)
:bulletyellow:Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)

I'm currently watching:

:bulletblue:Hunter x Hunter 2011 (as I said, it's still going on)
:bulletorange:Fullmetal Alchemist
:bulletorange:Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
:bulletblack:Black Butler
:bulletpink: Damekko Doubutsu (useless animals)

Animes I've promiced to watch, and want to watch:
:bulletpink:Future boy Conan

:bulletpurple:Mermaid melody (I checked into it, but it was kinda too girly for me...)
:bulletyellow:One piece (I kinda gave it up, since there are so many episodes..)

Mangas I'vew read:

:bulletpink: Mirai Nikki (Future diary)
:bulletgreen: Yu Yu Hakusho
:bulletyellow: Hunter x Hunter (ugh, I'm such HxH nerd.. ;p)
:bulletblue: Ao no exorcist (blue exorcist)
:bulletpurple: Mjau!
:bulletpink: Hana Kimi (for you in full blossom)
:bulletblack: Elfen lied
:bulletgreen: Ookami nante kowukanai (a novel collection by Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of hxh)
:bulletpurple: Yu-Gi-Oh (it was so lame....)
:bulletblue: Prince of tennis
:bulletred: Inuyasha (I love dem doggies!! Even though I'm a mad cat girl...)

I'm currently reading:

:bulletblack:black butler
:bulletyellow: New prince of tennis
:bulletwhite: To aru majutsu no index
:bulletred: 1/2 prince
:bulletorange: Nanatzu no Tizai - The seven deadly sins (it reminds of fairy tail and it's awesome)

I use:
:bulletorange:Manga Studio Debut
:bulletgreen: paper and pencils :D

I'm pretty open minded and it's few things I really dislike.

I love music. Most genres are okay, for example: synth, electronic, rock, pop, grunge, alternative, swing, metal etc... (and then there is my secret crush on anime soundtrack :aww: )

Hmmmm... I think that's all for now..
Well yea, it's not much more to say actually.

I wish you all a great year, and that things will get better for you, and that our love for art will not fade this year either!

Personally I had a pretty great year.
I finished elementary and started at perhaps the best high school possible for me where I can draw, design, model and create as much as I've always wanted. I really feel I can grow in this place, and I hope I will leant lots of new things this year~

Newyears hugs to all of you, and have a chill 1/1/15 (or whatever order you write it in) and take the morning to really rest and sleep to get a good start of the new year XD
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Eating: ice cream

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