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HA Ha ha by bunslake
HA Ha ha
As the little nerd I am, I tried to copy mortisghost style since i fucking adore it. This is the relult. An awkward Zacharie laughing in a corner. Yeah
Awful doodledump by bunslake
Awful doodledump
An unholy mishmash of some old crap, my latest fandoms and...... shitty scribbles. 
First there's this really lame OFF comic on the side. then there's the derpy little pile of OFF doodles in the corner~
There's some OC's, up there is Minn in his older version (dressed in a sexy cop uniform!), and Ace. In the upper corner is Schuichi Saito from the lovely horror manga Uzumaki by Junji Ito. There's a megaman-ish dude in there, along with an engineer from team fortress 2 (That type of games aren't really my type at all, I don't like the fast paced crazy shoot fucking everywhere style that is and online shooting game, but wow. These characters are so god damn charming I can't help but love this game anyway. ) and some Zelda doodles. (Link and Midna reunions) The colored one and the green doodle is of my newest OC Bill. Don't know what I'm gonna do with him yet, we'll see. 

Hmmm... I think that is all for now. 
Masked People by bunslake
Masked People
Here's a heap of slightly unsettling characters I just made. (scetchy looking on purpose, even though I probably couldn't make them much neater even if I tried tbh)
I really wanna make a game where masks play an important role and everyone wears them. it would probably be a pixel game, and the atmosphere would not be scary, but rather... non threatening but slightly unsettling. Yes, that's it. The player should feel that something is a bit off, though not being able to point out what it is. 
Miao by bunslake
Does this count as a pixel? 

Anyway, here's Zacharie from the lovely game OFF~
Zacharie by bunslake
Guess who just played OFF? Guess who my favourire character is?

As a person with a love and facination for masks, cats and bizzarness, this character was right in my taste ^^ Plus he has such a beautiful name (especially when it's pronounced in the french way) and a soft voice, so that's just awesome. 

This was actually the first time I've ever played an rpg game and with this type of battle system so I'm grateful the enemies were relatively easy to beat for a noob like me. I really loved the semi creepy weirdness and mysteriousness of this game, and I love when some things are left unexplained. And then the music. Wow, it was amazing and I'm actually listening to it right now. 

I'm probably gonna be really exited over this game for a little while now, so expect more fanart of especially this guy~


bunslake's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other

I'm a 17 year old game graphic student who spend her days doodling and playing Zelda. I've only started discovering the joys that is games the latest year because of the school I'm in now.

I adore any kind of media entertainment that includes either good characters, a good story, good music, visual appeal or all at once. Like rellay. I fucking love that shit to death. I always get super exited waen I find something new I like and tend to want to talk about it nonstop until the exitement has cooled off.

Anyway, whatever. This is not unique.

I get asked for commissions sometimes, so I guess it'll be appropriate to maybe write down some information about that.

I am open for commissions, but since I don't really have that much need for points right now, I'd prefer paypal payment.
I have not yet decided on any prices, so that is something we will agree on on-spot for now until I've settled with something. (that doesn't mean you can bargain however you want or complain that the final prices went down after you got your commission because I settled with another price later.)

I draw pretty much anything. I prefer drawing humans or human-ish creatures, but I'm open for challenges. Landscapes and buildings are a nail in the eye for me, so maybe not that. Well, just ask and I'll see.

I may do art trades, you'll have to ask about that but I'll probably not do it if we don't know each other at least a little before.

Requests are only for close friends.

well this was a clumpsy written info list..
Such title.

So I'm going to Amsterdam this Wednesday (it's conveniently enough colliding with literary EVERYTHING in school, no big deal... *nervous giggles*) and I'm just wondering....
Does anyone live there, has been there or in any other way know anything about the place? Is there anything cool there worth checking out? Any rad stores? I'm currently looking for GameCube games, any Zelda merch, regular otaku stuff and anything awesome. Anyone know if I can get anything cool there?

If no one have any tips, then thanx anyway ^^
How are you guys btw? All good and well I hope?
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Yours is very charming too~
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Thank you floffy~
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